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KOOZMETIK “Tooth Drops T”


Scientific experimental study

Application of natural oil mixture KOOZMETIK „Tooth drops T“ is recommended as a natural solution for successful removal of external tooth discolorations caused by consumption of colored drinks and food.

In this scientific experimental study conducted in March 2016 were assessed color changes of teeth immersed in red wine for 10 days and subsequently brushed with and without application of natural oils mixture KOOZMETIK „Tooth drops T“.

According to these results „Tooth drops T“ KOOZMETIK are recommended to people who:

  • Have high caries risk
  • Have gum problems
  • Frequently consume colored drinks and food
  • Have bad breath
  • Smokers
  • Want to keep their daily oral hygiene on a 100% natural way

Extracted frontal teeth were put in cluster and immersed in red wine for 10 days. Specimens were divided in two groups: first group was brushed without oil and the second one was treated with oil mixture and brushed in the same way. Color measurements were performed on EasyShade spectrophotometer which is used in everyday dental practice. Based on CIE L*a*b* color coordinates for standard D65 illumination were calculated total color change (∆E) and lightness change (∆L). Color stability was assessed based on the difference in total color change between coordinates before and after immersion, as well as after brushing of specimens in different time intervals : 4, 10, 20, 30, 50 and 60 seconds. Color change before and after mechanical removal of discolorations with application of natural oil mixture was larger than clinically acceptable threshold (∆E<3,3). The largest color change was noticed with specimens brushed with oil mixture in time interval of 60 seconds (∆E=10,1). The most pronounced differences (∆) in lightness of teeth were also noticed with specimens brushed with oil mixture and they were ten times bigger than those in the group where oil was not applied.

For further details about use and properties of „Tooth drops T“ please contact our team of experts at stomatolog@koozmetik.rs, and for full experimental study follow link here.