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We are a team with high criteria. We dedicate ourselves fully each day. We love to laugh and supply our bodies with positive energy. We are creative and curious, and we find pleasure in everything that is beautiful. We are convinced that it is equally important to nourish your body, mind and emotions. We believe that an inexhaustible inspiration lies in nature hiding an answer for everything.

„Everything in excess is opposed by nature”



  • Minimalism


    Find the essence in the chaos of everyday life. Purify it. Enhance the quality of life. Save time and energy.koozmetik-1

  • Holistic approach


    We believe that everything in nature is connected. It is equally important to nourish body, mind and emotions. We strive to widen our perspectives, to stay active and positive, to rely on nature.koozmetik-2

  • Essence


    Simple and refined design. Carefully selected ingredients and formulas. Handmade. Rejecting everything unnecessary. Leaving only the best.koozmetik-3