GREEN BUILDING EXPO 2016 | Koozmetik
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The largest fair of green building and sustainable development in Serbia

International exhibition and conference Green Building Expo will be held for the third time from November 2-4 in the Belexpo Center in New Belgrade.

KOOZMETIK will present its achievements in the field of sustainable development at the most important event in Southeast Europe dedicated to the technological achievements in the field of Green Building.

KOOZMETIK will present its concept of “JUST ENOUGH” sustainability, which is inspired by nature that directs us to effectively manage our resources, to protect the environment / planet and to work not only with people but also for the people. Being simple is what we strive for.

When we talk about green buildings, we are talking about improving the quality of life, about the future development, ours and our childrens` and about well-being, which finally meet without colliding with the opportunities for business; Green Building Expo and Conference represents also this.