Antiperspirant VS natural deodorant

Now that the summer and high temperatures are here we all struggle with sweat and unpleasant smells. To prevent odors and alleviate excessive sweating during hot days many of us reach for antiperspirants as the most efficient solution. And it really seems ideal – we just put the spray and don’t worry for the next 12, 24 or even 48 hours. But still, is the prevention of sweating good for our body and are the antiperspirants giving us more good or harm?

Sweating is a normal process which cools the human body and regulates the body temperature, reduces heat produced by physical activity or external factors. When sweating we get rid of bad substances from our body, and therefore the secretion of sweat is necessary for overall health. By preventing the sweat we block detox process which can directly effect the lymph and the immune system.

Also, it is very important to get to know the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants – while antiperspirants completely stop sweating by clogging pores with chemicals, deodorants with perfumes and antiseptic agents do not stop sweating, but only removes odors.

Therefore, you should always choose a deodorant, and the one that does not contain aluminum, parabens and other harmful substances in order to avoid damage to the sensitive skin of armpits. Among all the deodorants on the market, it is best to choose the one on a natural basis, or deodorants that use mineral salts, essential oils and plants to balance pH value and to reduce the growth of bacteria. Often, natural deodorants contain plants that are natural antiperspirants, such as aloe vera, coriander and mussels that do not stop, but reduce excessive sweating.

In order to have complete control over the product that you choose for your skin, and to make sure that you have taken the best from nature, you can make your own deodorant at home! KOOZMETIK team opted for a special recipe that combines carefully selected and balanced natural ingredients that stop the spread of unpleasant odors without clogging the pores and preventing perspiration, they are gentle to the skin, and are not harmful to the body.

KOOZMETIK chose coconut oil known as super-oil with medicinal effects for deodorant.

It is rich with natural vitamin E and lauric acid, which has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antioxidant effects, and therefore represents a powerful ally in the fight against odor caused by bacterial growth. Shea butter is anti-inflammatory, but also protects the skin from harmful factors and dehydration, making it smooth and soft.

In order to make the fight against harmful bacteria more efficient, natural beeswax, known for its antibacterial properties was added to the deodorant as well as baking soda, which balances the PH of the skin, has anti-fungal properties and itself acts as a natural deodorant.

KOOZMETIK deodorant fragrances come from the essential oils of lemon grass and bergamot that provide the necessary sense of freshness, leaving an easy, natural, unobtrusive but effective smell.

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