Who we are

One economist and one architect are producing natural cosmetics. Weird combination and what are we doing in the cosmetics business?
We are both very curious and creative, and we find pleasure in everything beautiful. Seemingly it all started completely unexpectedly. First of all, we are cousins, although we met for the first time when we were already grown up, finished universities, and were successful in our careers. We lived abroad for years and back in Serbia we missed lots of stuff we couldn’t find to buy here, amongst them, good quality natural cosmetics. And one day while speaking about this, we said: OK, let’s make it!

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Since that spontaneous moment, that really changed the course of our lives, we worked very hard and explored the topic of natural cosmetics from all sides. We read a lot, took classes and cooperated with various experts in this field. Although we wouldn’t be the ones that actually make the products, we wanted to know how to do it by ourselves in order to set and supervise the whole business. It lasted few years and was really hard, but also inspiring and we really enjoyed the whole process. Our different professional background came in the spotlight, because we had complementary skills necessary to create our products and consequently the whole brand and company as they are now.

But all of this probably would not had happened if we didn’t have one common belief. We had it inside us from before, being raised in our families with a respect for Nature and natural sciences. We believe that an inexhaustible inspiration lies in Nature and its’ mechanisms are simple! If we observe the Nature carefully it will give us the solution to everything: how to be healthy, how to be happy, beautiful… We knew that we want to keep it simple and that our products should be of perfect quality, a source of health, but also small objects of beauty. We wanted to make cosmetics which nurture you in a healthy and natural way, bringing on the surface what is your true inner beauty. And only this beauty is the one that lasts. Believing that honesty to your real self is the most important, WE WANT TO INSPIRE YOU TO BE YOU.

Our team

In order to put into reality our ideas and making it all work, it is a great
advantage to have a good and compact group of people who share the
same values, ambitions and enthusiasm.

KOOZMETIK team cosists of various experts and consultants: pharmacists,
technologists, biologists, doctors, dentists, technicians, as well as creative
professionals working on design, brand identity, marketing and development.

We are happy to have excellent people with us on board and we enjoy working together!

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