We often hear that natural cosmetics are good for us. And that is a simple and short answer to the question why use natural cosmetics. However, the real reasons often elude us, so in the following text we will try to introduce you to the benefits and the idea behind nature-based care.

Let’s start over. Although the concept of cosmetics made from natural ingredients, it seems to us, has taken off in recent years and has grown into a “trend”, natural ingredients have been used in the service of care and beauty since ancient times, and have withstood the test of time for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians discovered numerous benefits of honey, olive and almond oil for skin and hair, the Greeks and Romans used chamomile and many other herbaceous plants, and many peoples of Africa still use substances discovered hundreds of years ago. Recipes for care have been passed down from generation to generation and have acquired various new forms to this day, but the essence has remained the same – and it is in the health and general well-being of the organism.

Body and spirit in harmony with nature

The central idea around natural cosmetics lies in the simple fact and belief that everything we need to maintain the health of the body and beauty can be found in the nature that surrounds us, an idea based on centuries of practice of people who inhabited the planet before us.

Natural cosmetics support a holistic approach, a philosophy that implies that we view the body and spirit as a single whole that lives in harmony with the environment. Also, this approach, as old as nature itself, represents the belief that our organism has the potential and power to self-maintain and regenerate, and we are here to help it in that and use that potential to the maximum.

Based on this premise, the goal of natural cosmetics is to support the natural processes of our skin, make them more efficient and support its innate functions. In short, natural cosmetics do not treat the symptoms but the causes of the symptoms.

Natural ingredients for the well-being of the organism

Relying on a holistic approach, we cannot ignore the fact that everything that we take into our body in one way or another, affects our overall condition, so when, for example, we are talking about a healthy diet, we must not forget about nutrition of our skin. The most important factor of natural cosmetics are the ingredients from which it is made, ingredients that are absorbed through the skin into the entire body system and thus contribute to the general well-being of the organism.

Carefully selected natural ingredients are there to help the skin in the process of nutrition and regeneration, stimulating its functions, to retain moisture, gently nourish, nourish and defend it from harmful influences. Also, the use of natural substances eliminates the danger of allergic reactions, irritations and side effects, which are especially common companions of sensitive skin. The basic ingredients used in making natural cosmetics are of plant and mineral origin, as well as oils, fats and waxes such as shea butter, argan oil and beeswax. In addition to naturally grown ingredients, several types of essential oils, plant extracts and floral waters are used, which give the cosmetics natural clean scents and serve as a preservative.

Environmental protection

As we mentioned at the beginning, natural cosmetics are based on a holistic approach, taking care of the health of the body, spirit and the environment. That is why the production of natural cosmetics encourages the use and cultivation of organic matter, respects the biodiversity of our planet and is not tested on animals.

Also, most small and large manufacturers of natural cosmetics strictly take care of responsible and sustainable use and cultivation of natural ingredients, “clean” production process and implementation of so-called “green chemistry”, or chemical processes that do not release harmful substances. Finally, natural products are packaged in packaging made from recycled materials, further contributing to the maintenance of our planet’s ecosystem.

Switching to natural cosmetics

If you are thinking about switching to natural cosmetics, it should be noted that it is by no means an instant solution that makes our skin or hair perfect overnight. All good things take time, don’t they? Precisely because natural ingredients act non-aggressively and in compatibility with the body’s natural processes, our skin needs a period of adjustment and completion of the cycle of renewal of the surface layer of the skin, that is, return to its natural and original state. The duration of that cycle varies individually, but a period of three to four weeks is usually taken for the optimal period of recognizing the benefits and effectiveness of natural cosmetics.

Finally, it should be borne in mind that the transition from conventional to completely natural cosmetics is a process that improves the health and appearance of your skin and hair in the long run, but also contributes to the well-being of the whole organism and our environment. Our experience shows that patience pays off and is richly rewarded in the long run, and your experiences or questions related to natural cosmetics or ingredients used by KOOZMETIK, you can write to us in the comments below or on our profiles on Facebook and Instagram.