KOOZMETIK makes all natural handmade cosmetics in Serbia. On a press conference held in late April a 100% natural Mosquito Repellent that is gentle to the skin was presented to the public. KOOZMETIK also announced the results of an experimental scientific study that proved the effectiveness of Tooth Drops T on removing teeth discoloration on the conference held in Makadam.

KOOZMETIK Mosquito Repellent is a 100 % natural product that repels mosquitos thanks to the essential oils of lemon grass, basil, rosemary and lavender. The repellent is very efficant and has a pleasant smell. It has no chemical compounds that can irritate skin or eyes. It is also safe for small children. Thanks to the oils of jojoba and sweet almond the repellent is fast absorbed and leaves the skin smooth and silky.

KOOZMETIK Tooth drops T remove teeth discoloration caused by colored food and drinks. 100 % natural oils make Tooth drops T convenient for people who have high caries risk, have gingival problems, frequently consume colored food and drinks, have bad breath, smokers and for everyone who wants to keep their daily hygiene in a 100% natural way. For best results put two or three drops on a clean toothbrush and polish the surface of the teeth for 1-2 minutes.

Besides this special products KOOZMETIK offers natural products for face, hair and body skin. KOOZMETIK is available in a pop-up shop on the ground floor of shopping moll Ušće, Delta City, Makadam, Supermarket, Mikser House and in the pharmacy Srbotrade. For online orders above 1200 rsd delivery is free.


KOOZMETIK was founded in April 2015, and has presented their products on International Cosmetics Fair in Belgrade in October 2015. KOOZMETIK was founded by Jovana Antić and Daniela Stanković, an economist and an architect, with the help of a team of experts, with a desire to give people in Serbia a healthy care, top quality and enjoyment in simplicity and beauty of KOOZMETIK products.