High-quality cosmetic products are the subtle carefully selected ingredients, formulated so as to provide the skin is all that is necessary. Although we are all looking for the optimal effect of creams, serums, body milks and the like, the first association with some of these products is neither the texture, nor the packaging, nor the feeling of softness after application. The first association is just the smell. You will wonder why this is so? Namely, the smell is the sense that has the greatest connection with emotions and memory. Just remember how the smell of perfume that you haven’t used for years can instantly revive long-suppressed images, and bring back the smell of strudel with jam to childhood.

At a time when we are exposed to chemicals almost every day, natural skin care becomes imperative. That is why, in addition to the finest butter, oils and plant extracts, our products include another large group of natural ingredients – essential oils. We carefully choose, study and combine, and this combination creates a well-known fragrance and help us to build and maintain the recognition.

Essential oils are non-fat, water-insoluble mixtures of a large number of volatile components present in aromatic and spice plants. The most common type of isolation from plant material is steam distillation, and they can also be obtained by distillation at low temperatures under reduced pressure or cold pressing, as is the case with citrus.

The composition and amount of oil depend on the part of the plant used (the tree, bark, leaf and flower do not contain the same amount of oil, and most plants use only one part). The composition, and thus the action, is mostly influenced by the conditions in which the plant grows. That is why it is usually the case that wild aromatic plants produce significantly more essential oil than cultivated ones!

The influence of essential oils on the mental state and relief from stress has been known since ancient times, on which the principles of aromatherapy are based, and in recent times there are more and more scientific researches that prove antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral action. Precisely because of their ability to inhibit the growth of even certain bacteria resistant to antibiotics, recent studies are considering their use in the treatment of acne, while thanks to their antifungal effect, they are used to suppress fungal changes on the skin.

Below you can read more details about the individual essential oils that are part of our products:

Cedar (Cedrus atlantica)

Cedar essential oil has pronounced antimicrobial properties, which has been confirmed in many studies.

It is attributed to antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects, as well as anti-inflammatory and healing effects. In combination with other oils (thyme, rosemary, lavender, etc.), it is used to massage the scalp against dandruff and hair loss. The scent of cedar oil has a relaxing effect and helps relieve stress.

Lemon (Citrus lemon)

The citrus family includes lemon, mandarin, orange, grapefruit, lime, bergamot, lemon and many others. Essential oils are isolated by squeezing the peel of the fruit. From the point of view of aromatherapy, thanks to the refreshing scent, citrus has a beneficial effect on alertness and concentration and improves mood.

Lemon essential oil has antimicrobial properties, has a beneficial effect on colds and flu, so it is often used as an ingredient in room fresheners because it acts as a natural disinfectant. Some studies have even shown that the smell of lemon can relieve morning sickness in pregnant women.

When we talk about the effects on the skin, it is useful for inflammatory processes and fungal changes.

In the case of lemon, and citrus in general, it has a photosensitive effect, so it is recommended to avoid preparations with these essential oils before and during sun exposure.

Tea tree, tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia, Tea tree)

Tea tree is an evergreen plant native to Australia.

The essential oil is generally recommended for skin problems such as acne and dermatitis of various origins, injuries and burns (it is part of our universal balm), and it has a beneficial effect on both dry and oily skin. The antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties of tea tree oil include a wider range of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Due to its exceptional cleaning properties, it can often be found in preparations for the care of the oral cavity and gums, and is an indispensable ingredient in our tooth drops.

The use of essential oils for medical and cosmetic purposes has been known since ancient times, and thanks to scientific knowledge, today it is a combination of traditional and modern. So, it is quite certain that essential oils are much more than fragrant notes! They are a kind of powerful gift of nature.