An island country in the so-called Ring of Fire, the Philippines, thanks to its tropical climate with a long rainy periods, is suitable for lush vegetation and exotic plants that grow unhindered without the effect of harmful pesticides and other chemicals. Some of the natural trademark of the Pacific Ocean islands are guava, hibiscus, papaya, baobab tree, and beautiful yellow flower Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata). 

This miraculous endemic plant grows in Madagascar and Sumatra, but is best known from the Philippines because it is a part of the tradition of this island nation. The name of this flower in the Tagalog language means “wild”, and it is known that in ancient times people in the Philippines used fragrant yellow flowers in coconut oil and so obtained lotion smeared on hair and body.

Margaret Mead in the mid-20th century wrote: “The women of the tribe Bori-Bori rubbed their hair and skin with yellow flowers believing that in this way they become irresistible. Members of this tribe firmly believe that massage with this flowers keeps them beautiful and healthy”.

Modern medicine and chemistry studies showed that women from Bori-Bori tribes were right, but also great interest fans of natural cosmetics around the world who are convinced that this plant is often used in the form of essential oils.

The oil is obtained by extraction from freshly picked flowers. Ylang Ylang plant has a sweet smell and it is used in aromatherapy because of its calming effect on both mind and body.

Due to its seductive scent, in Polynesian culture it was considered a strong aphrodisiac for centuries, but in today’s cosmetics it is mostly used as an ingredient of expensive perfumes and toilet waters. Its application on skin care also has also phenomenal results. Research shows that oil of Ylang Ylang regulates the production of sebum, which leads to overproduction Lotion, acne and clogged pores, and creams that contain a magic Philippine flower ideal for those with oily and mixed skin.

It is suitable for mature skin because it stimulates the regeneration of cells and preserves the vitality and elasticity. 

Ylang Ylang gives a recognizable fragrance and a calming effect. It improves the mood, skin condition, and the mind.