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1. How are KOOZMETIK products stored?

KOOZMETIK products are best stored in a dark and cool place, where they are not directly exposed to the sun.

2. Do KOOZMETIK products have an expiry date?

All KOOZMETIK products have an expiration date of 12 months, or 6 months after opening.

3. How natural are KOOZMETIK products?

We try to be transparent and therefore each product has a percentage which indicates how natural it is. Products that are in the form of oils and fats are 100% natural. Cream products are 99% natural, while hair and face wash products are 89% to 94% natural.

At the following link, you can see which raw materials we use and which we do not use in our products.

4. Do we test our products on animals?

KOOZMETIK products are NOT tested on animals.

5. Are KOOZMETIK products vegan?

In the following KOOZMETIK products we use beeswax, and therefore they cannot be declared as vegan: lip balms, salves, face and body cream, stick deodorants (N, M, A, B, B1, Z, Z1, L, U, V). Other products do not contain raw materials of animal origin (R, F, K, T, Z2, G, S, K, X, E1, E2).

6. Do KOOZMETIK products contain harmful ingredients (parabens, sulfate, aluminum)?

KOOZMETIK products do not contain any of the listed harmful ingredients. You can see the list of raw materials that we use and do not use in any way in detail (link)

7. Can KOOZMETIK products cause an allergic reaction?

An allergic reaction can sometimes occur in some people whose skin is sensitive to some of the ingredients in essential oils, such as geraniol, limonene, linalool. Also, sometimes an allergic reaction can be caused by active natural substances, usually to people who are not used to using natural products. In case of allergic reactions, we recommend that you stop using the product and consult your doctor. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

8. Can KOOZMETIK products differ from batch to batch?

Our production of natural cosmetics is based on manual and primarily human labor. We strive to produce a smaller number of products per day, enough for the needs of sales in that period, so that the products that reach our customers are as fresh as possible. In manufacture and production, we maintain the standard in the use of the highest quality raw materials. The differences that can be noticed in different product series are minimal and are an indicator that the use of machines in our production is very limited. Likewise, natural raw materials can have slight differences from harvest to harvest.

9. Can KOOZMETIK products be used by pregnant women?

We do not recommend the use of Face Serum R for pregnant women, due to vitamin A (retinol).

All other products can be used freely by pregnant women if they are not allergic to some of the raw materials.

10. Can KOOZMETIK products be used in the sun?

KOOZMETIK citrus-based products should be avoided if you plan on sun exposure, due to photosensitivity. These are deodorants and body milk B1.

Also, the face serum is used only in the evening and should not be used during the day because it contains vitamin A (retinol).

11. How do you wash hair with Compact Shampoo Q?

Use the compact shampoo as a soap: wet your hair and rub the compact shampoo. Extremely nice foam and deeply cleanses hair and scalp.

12. How are tooth drops used?

Tooth drops are used after brushing teeth. Put a few drops on a clean brush and polish your teeth for 1-2 minutes. After that, it is not necessary to rinse, but leave the drops to work. It is quite enough to use them once or twice a day.

13. Does SOAP I dry out the skin?

Body soap contains rich and quality avocado, olive and almond oils, which nourish the skin very nicely and do not dry it out.

14. Can SOAP I also be used for washing face?

If your face likes body soap I, then you can also use it for the face. However, for facial care, we recommend our liquid face wash soap (face wash) F, which is intended exclusively for deep cleansing and facial skin care.

15. Which deodorant to choose, stick or spray?

If you have tried natural deodorants and they still did not prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor, we strongly recommend that you first try our deodorant spray with silver water Z2. The packaging is practical, in a glass bottle that fits in each kit or bag, and is easy to apply. If you are used to using stick deodorants that are more practical for you, then we offer a deodorant stick with two fragrant notes.

16. When can we expect the skin to get used to the natural deodorant?

Sometimes it takes a little longer for the body to get used to natural deodorant. During this period, an unpleasant odor can occur, not similar to the smell of sweat, but different. It is a sign that the body is cleansed of toxins that have accumulated in your body so far. After a period of up to a month, the deodorant will start to work at full capacity – it will not prevent the sweating process, but only the appearance of an unpleasant odor.

17. Is a hair conditioner H good for curly hair?

Hair conditioner is intended for all hair types, and is especially suitable for dry, damaged and curly hair.

18. Is there a possibility of recycling packaging?

If you are from Belgrade, you can bring empty glass jars of cream or salve, and you will get a 10% discount on your next purchase. We do not practice sending used packaging, due to the complicated delivery process and non-ecological packaging, and recycling thus loses its meaning.

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